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cream-browser unstable

Cream-Browser is a lightweight web browser using GTK+-3.0, with the same interface as Vimperator.



Getting Cream-Browser

Download the zip archive, or the tar archive.

Or clone the git repository :

$ git clone git://
And because the master branch is currently depecreated :
$ git checkout unstable

Or clone directly the unstable branch :

$ git clone -b unstable git://

Building Cream-Browser

Run ./configure --help to see every possible options. Then : $ ./configure
$ make

NB: If you want to build Cream-Browser with another compiler (maybe clang ?), just do : CC=clang ./configure

Install / Uninstall

To install Cream-Browser, you just have to run : make install.

NB: DESTDIR feature is correctly supported.

To uninstall Cream-Browser, you have to run make uninstall with exactly the same value for DESTDIR if it was specified at installation.

Packages for Debian, Gentoo and Archlinux will be created very soon.


Because it uses lua, Cream-Browser is highly configurable. Pages on the wiki and other documentations will be written in a while.

Help and support

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